Aftermarket Parts

When the integrity of aftermarket structural parts became a topic of discussion in the industry, Ford was prompted to conduct its own performance testing.  Aftermarket refers to replacement parts that are not made by the original equipment manufacturer. The specific structural parts covered in the study were: Bumper reinforcement beams Bumper brackets Radiator Supports Bumper Absorbers […]

Last Minute Christmas Shopping

Stats Canada has studied Christmas shopping patterns annually and since 2003 there has been an increase of larger priced item sales, such as furniture, electronics and appliances in November versus December.  They attribute this factor to the promotion of Black Friday sales, kicking off the shopping season on American Thanksgiving.  Past studies have shown that December sales […]

Owner Advantage Rewards Program

Zarowny Motors is a participant in Ford’s new Owner Advantage Rewards program.  This program is available to registered members (no purchase necessary) and it rewards members in the following way when they visit Zarowny Motors: You’ll get a $10 enrolment bonus towards future parts or service 5% reward on parts and service purchases that can […]

Ford’s New Pro Trailer Backup Assist

We recently tested the New Pro Trailer Backup Assist option in a new 2016 F150.  The system requires some setup with trailer measurements and camera calibration input.  But you are able to store this information and the measurements for additional trailers and simply select the correct trailer’s info based on which one you are pulling. Once selected, the […]

TRAXXAS Remote Control Cars and Trucks

TRAXXAS Remote Control (RC) cars and trucks are available in the Zarowny Parts Department. These are quality brand name RCs that are sold completely assembled. They use specialized rechargeable battery packs and the more voltage a battery has, the faster your RC model will go. The TRAXXAS models include power cell 8.4 volt batteries that […]